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Project 1.

Ongoing Residential Project

Welcome to our ongoing residential interior decorating project of an apartment in the 9th floor of a high rise in the elite area of Kolkata. Our team of expert interior designers are working hard to transform this space into a stunning and comfortable living space for our clients.

Project 2.

Completed Redential Project

From contemporary residential homes to sleek commercial buildings, each project highlights our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Browse through the gallery to see how our team of experienced professionals has brought our clients' visions to life. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your own construction project or simply want to appreciate the beauty of expertly crafted architecture, our gallery has something for everyone.

Project 3.

Krishna Vatika

Residential interior design is the art of creating aesthetic and functional living spaces. While architects design the structure, designers are generally in charge of the interior aesthetic. An interior design concept is the central theme that all the design elements are focused upon. It exists as an idea first and is brought to reality through careful planning. At its best, an interior design concept is a visual theme that evokes a specific mood by strategically using color, space, and style.

Project 4.


Decorative Mirror is the missing piece that will surely complete your wall and make them alive. With this mirror, change the look of your wall as this mirror is available in various designs and sizes. Each piece is intricately designed using aesthetic frame, which can transform any room into a destination. Mirrors are great for many reasons. They just make spaces look better in general, they both reflect and create beauty. A great mirror can provide a textural element to a blank wall. Add a large mirror to the end of a hallway to make it look wider.

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